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Led brake lights

Опубликовано: 27.06.2017

видео led brake lights

Cheap Awesome LED Brake Light Fix!

Improving the brake light visibility of motorcycle brake lights is important.

I recently installed a "Signal Dynamics" LED motorcycle brake light bar on my Бмв K75.

And I also added a pair of "Life Brite" LED motorcycle brake light flashers above the license plate at the rear.

I believe these products will improve the ability of vehicles following my motorcycle to see and recognize that my brake lights are on when I am braking.

This modification can probably be done easily to many different types of motorcycles, so it isn’t something that is meaningful to the Бмв only.

(Editors' Note:   See our updated article "Multistrada LED Brake Light Installation" for more information on installing the Life Brite сюда and the Signal Dynamics LED brake light bar).

My goal was to both attract attention to the fact that my motorcycle is stopping and my brake lights are on, and also to increase the amount of overall brake light power on my bike.

What I did was lower the license plate by 13/16", mount the Signal Dynamics light bar above the license plate, and the 2 Life Brite modules above the light bar, one each located above the two original license plate attachment holes.

This turned out to be a fairly easy process.

My theory is that the small blinking Life Brites attract attention to the rear, then the standard brake light boosted by the Signal Dynamics brake light bar do the rest.

I found the Signal Dynamics motorcycle LED brake light bar at my local dealer, who sells Harley-Davidsons and BMW’s, but it can be ordered directly through the Signal Dynamics website.

This product is a 6" wide metal bar with a 5" long by ½" wide LED light array.

It is designed to be both a running light that is on whenever the bike is running, and also as an additional brake light that activates with a bright steady glow whenever the brake lights are on.

I was intrigued at how bright the LED’s were when the light was activated on the counter display.

The unit has two holes on either end, and is designed to fit above the license plate on most motorcycles, simply by fitting the light bar over the top of the license plate and replacing the existing license plate bolts with the ones supplied in the kit.

I had a slightly different idea though, so I bought one and took it home.

While searching the web one night, I also found a company called "Life Brite"). They make a variety of small LED’s, each one about the size of a domino, in either yellow or red.

The red ones are used as auxiliary brake lights; one style comes on when the brake lights are on and has a steady glow; one variety flashes for 5 seconds when the brake lights are activated.

The lights then glow steady as long as the brake lights are on; and there is also a pair that flashes continuously as long as the brake lights are activated.

I purchased the pair that flashes for 5 seconds and then glows as long as the brake lights are on. I also purchased a pair of their laser-cut, sheet metal mounting tabs sold on the website to use to mount the units.

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